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Repacked Special – DC Collectibles BTAS Toys Advanced Review

Thanks to the very generous folks at DC Collectibles, Craig was sent some of the awesome new upcoming Batman the Animated Series figures. With SDCC happening and a lot of busy shows ahead, Sal and Craig st down for a special extended look at 5 of the Upcoming new figures!

Etrigan the Demon and Klarion the Witch Boy



Commissioner Gordon

Ra’s Al Ghul

Re-Animated Special Edition: Thunderbirds are Go!


Edit: if you have trouble with the audio, please re-download the file. The original was the wrong edit, and doesn’t have all the audio. The issue has been corrected


The Classic series by Gerry Anderson is Back! The Minds behind WETA Workshop have relaunched the classics Thunderbirds series, and Craig sits down with his old pal Michael Nixon (Of the Tokusatsu Network and Drunk Hawkman) to discuss this truly wonderful series. Spoilers Ahoy for the series, but this is a THOROUGH look folks, going back to the classic series, the creators, some of how the show is made and then the plots and characters themselves. So dig in like a mole and get ready for our look at International Rescue!

Special Bonus Episode with Boss Fight Studio!


The Repacked Podcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.

In this special episode: Craig chats with Eric Arana and Fred Azcon from Boss Fight Studio about the release of the first Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S., where Boss Fight came from, where it’s going and why it’s so hard to interview someone when it’s very very late at night.

Boss Fight Studios: http://bossfightstudio.com/

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Special Interview! Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series!

hey guys, Craig here. Today I sat down for a quick chat with Paul and Adam from the Hit Kickstarter Campaign; Articulated Icons: the Feudal Series! this is a quick episode going up with just over 24 hours to go in their campaign, so if you haven’t backed them yet: Get on it! NOW is the time!

Articulated Icons Kickstarter