Sami “Midori.Keiko” Rovtar *Retired*


Birth Year – 1986

Occupation – Student/Child Care.

Toy Lines Currently Collecting – My Little Pony, Monster High, BJDS, Nendoroid, My Little Pony build a build bear plushies. Anything that is super cute.

Toy Lines Passed Collected – Pullips, gloomy bear plushies, tofu plushies.

Favorite Toy – I love all my toys equally.

What drives you to collect – I love hunting for and collecting toys for as long as I can remember. I am a bit of a completionist when it comes to collecting toys and I usually aim to have the whole set or certain line of toys.  I started collecting my little ponies when I was a child and re found that spark of collecting at my first year at university. From then on having lots of cute things surrounding me makes me happy and drives my collections forward.