Stuart “Octane” Hamblin *Retired*


Class Affiliation – Repacked Podcast

Birth Year – September 1969

Occupation – IT Tech/Multipul Small Business Owner.

Toy Lines Currently Collecting – Transformers Generations, Batman Classics, Botshots, Random things that catch my eye.

Toy Lines Passed Collected – Original MOTU, 200X MOTU, Spawn, 90’s Toybiz everything, SOTA Street Fighter, 200X TMNT, Various Transformers, 70/80 Space Lego .

Favorite Toy – Toltoys Smash Up Derby SSP.

What drives you to collect – More the hunt which now has been ruined by the internet.  There is just no fun in pre-knowing what is coming out and ordering it cold of the web.  My collecting days are winding down in favor of family and business ventures.